The Vickie Roberson Theatre Company is a touring group of  students and professional actors that take plays into schools,  community centers, retirement  centers and more. The company tours throughout the year by request. We may come to your location or you may come to our 300 seat theater for the performance.

*To schedule your school or group please call or email us at least 6 weeks in advance.

Performance Running Time:

Morning Performances: Begin at 9:30am

Afternoon Performances: Begin at 12:00pm

Evening Performances: Begin at 3:00pm & 7:00PM

​Shows run approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Arrival Time: You should plan on arriving to the theater no later than 30 minutes prior to the performance start time. This will allow us sufficient time to seat all groups and enable us to start the performance on time.

Late Arrivals: Late arrivals will be seated at an appropriate break between scenes.

Weather Policy: In the event that you are unable to attend an event due to an act of nature or if a performance need to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, compensation will be made by transferring your seats to a future performance.

Deposit: A nonrefundable deposit of $300. is required to secure your reservation date. 

Payment:Full payment must be received 3 weeks prior to the performance. Payments may be made my Cashiers Check, or Money Order, or by credit card on our website. No personal Checks Accepted. 

Refund Policy:We will gladly transfer your reservation date to another day which is convenient for your group. No refunds are given due to the fact that we have begun preparing and rehearsing for this performance.

Field Trip To Our Theater  (You Come To Us)

250 - 275 paid seats = $6 per person

Below 250 tickets, You may break payment down per person based on the size of your group.  Payment must equal to $1,500.

*2 complimentary tickets for two chaperones per class and or up to  every 20 paid seats.  Payment is based on the size of your group.   

300  is our maximal capacity.

Billy The Bully

Touring Months: August  - May

A dramatic comedy that shows how two students cleverly stop the school bully from bullying students.
Recommended grade levels: All Grades


Kool & The Gang

Touring Months  August -  May

A dramatic comedy encouraging kids to stay in school and depicts the outcomes of education as it relates to the pitfalls and successes in life.

​Recommended grade levels: All Grades

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Do You Remember?

Touring Months: January - March

Know-it-all Grandpaw calls Grandma out on a black history quiz while their grandkids get a kick out of Grandpaw's imitations of his favorite entertainers of his day.
Recommended grade levels: All Grades


Touring Shows   (We Come To You)

$2,300 Total Cost

 *You may break payment down per person based on the size of your group. Payment must equal to $2,300.

*No group size restrictions. 

Now Touring 2023 - 2024  Season

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