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   Sunday June 12 , 2022


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A Comedy about the handsome, ladies' man Eldrick and  the consequences he facees after stepping out on his wife.

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Check Yo' Man

Dance Competition July 30 28, 2022
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Don't Let the Devil Rise

Written & Directed By Vickie Roberson​​

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Pimpin In The Pulpit

Riding for Free

Written & Directed By Vickie Roberson

School Out Buck Out​!

Dance Competition

Saturday May 28, 2022 

@ 1PM

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Who Wears the Pants?

Written & Directed By Vickie Roberson

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A spiritually up-lifting dramatic comedy starring Selma, a proper church-going young woman, who is torn between her religious view and the fast life.

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My Mama Didn't Raise No Fool

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A battle of the sexes between married couple ​Louis and Helen, while Louis is coached by his brother Robert on how to man up.

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Laveda is fed-up with her live-in boyfriend, Robert, who intends to freeload until the fat lady sings.

Check Yo' Man

Check Yo' Man

Written & Directed By Vickie Roberson