Vickie Roberson

 Theatre Owner & Executive Director

Faite Giounes

House Manager


Clayton Calup

Master Carpenter & Building Maintenance 

Reginald Samuel

​Sound Tech

Music Producer

Piano Instructor

Voice Instructor

​Guitar Instructor

Ollie Williams

 Junior Acting Instructor 

Naya Hook

​Dance Instructor

Hip Hop/Majorette ​Dance Line


Vickie Roberson

​Acting  Instructor

Dance Aerobics Instructor

Vickie Roberson, born Vickie Lynn Stephens in Shreveport, has made a name for herself against all odds. She has set a standard and risen above adversity. The youngest of six siblings, Vickie was born with stars in her eyes, and her parents Plummer & Irma Stephens knew there was something special about her. Even though she was raised in an economically challenged neighborhood, she has always had big dreams.

Vickie's debut of her first play Don't Let the Devil Rise in 1999 has shown that her talent is undeniably a gift from God.

Vickie is the proud wife of Artie Roberson, the producer of Vickie Roberson Productions Corporation and supervising producer of The Vickie Roberson Theatre.

Vickie has a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Grambling State University; a Masters of Secondary Education from Centenary College; a Plus 30 in Administration & Supervision of Instruction from Centenary College with certifications in School Principalship & Supervision; and a Doctorate of Education (ABD) from Grambling State University.

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