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Shreveport, LA 71106 

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        "Not Your Same Ole' Song & Dance"

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Theater Owner & Executive Director: Vickie Roberson

Born Vickie Lynn Stephens in Shreveport, Louisiana to the proud parents of Plummer and Irma Stephens. Vickie has made a name for herself against all odds. Vickie has set a standard and risen up above adversity. She is the youngest of six siblings. Born with stars in her eyes, her parents have always known there was something special about her. Although she was raised in an economically challenged neighborhood, she has always had big dreams. 

Already had written plays and songs that were never shared until she staged her first main stage production: the debut of "Don't Let the Devil Rise"  in 1999. 

Among her many credentials and accolades, Vickie is also the wife of Arti Roberson, the Producer of Vickie Roberson Productions Corporation and Supervising Producer of the Vickie Roberson Theatre. 

Vickie has a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Grambling State University, a Masters of Secondary Education Degree from Centenary College, a Plus 30 in Administration & Supervision of Instruction from Centenary College with Certifications in School Principalship, and Supervision, and a Doctorate of Education (ABD) from Grambling State University.

Also,  she is the owner, CEO and director of The Vickie Roberson Theatre, owner and CEO of Vickie Roberson Productions Corporation, owner and CEO of What's Popping Media LLC, owner, host & Executive Producer of 2 television shows; The Vickie Roberson Entertainment Show and What's Popping. Vickie has indeed proven that she can brilliantly portray any role on and off the stage.