Don't Let The Devil Rise

Cast List

Serenity Love               as Selma

Vickie Roberson           as Big Mama

Erica Lawson                as Tiesha

Keys Jackson                as Karen

Almarina Walls            as Wilma

Derrick Critton            as Pastor Jenkins

JaVonte Bates              as Andrew

Donald Stephens        as Kool Aid

Ollie Williams              as Ms Mary

Quinton Peace            as Paul

Genesis  Jackson        as Julie JaMarcus

Moses Jackson           as Jamarcus

Job Openings:

Posted: 6-27-19  ‚Äč

  • Ballet Instructor                               
  • Camera Operators  (experience necessary)
  • Video Editors
  • Production Interns

All Positions are Open Until Filled

Please email all applications and applicable paperwork to

vickie {@}

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Congratulations to the cast of Don't Let the Devil Rise!

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