Auditions & Volunteers

               Stage Play

"Don't Let The Devil Rise"

Antoinette Jenkins   as Selma

Vickie Roberson  as Big Mama

Erica Lawson  as Tiesha

Keys Jackson  as Karen

Amanna Walls  as Wilma

Derrick Critton   as Pastor Jenkins

Ron Conway  as Andrew

Donald Stephens  as Kool Aid

Ollie Williams  as Ms Mary

John Wyatt  as Paul

JaKayla Conway as Julie


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Job Openings:

Posted: 3-7-19  ‚Äč

  • Ballet Instructor                               
  • Camera Operators  (experience necessary)
  • Video Editors
  • Production Interns

All Positions are Open Until Filled

The Vickie Roberson Theatre

  233 East 67th Street

Shreveport, LA 71106 

318.861.1993 Office

        "Not Your Same Ole' Song & Dance"

                    Stage Play

"My Mama Didn't Raise No Fool"

Dennis McCall  as Doc

Tileda Dunn  as Beverly

Vickie Roberson  as Mama B

Ollie Williams  as Pearlie Mae

Donald Stephens  as Joe

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers serve an important role in support of the Theater. Opportunities include ushering at events, staffing our Guest Services desk, office help and working on special projects.


Stage Hands


Production Assistants


Camera Operators

Video Editors

TV Production Assistants

Theater Production Assistants

Light Technicians